Monday, December 15, 2008

Visiting Santa

We went to the mall so Rayden could see Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She was super excited to go up there and tell him that she wanted a guitar but as soon as we walked towards him she changed her mind. She got very shy and would only go up there because I walked her up there. She just stood in front of him so I could take a picture and she did not utter a word. Parker had no problem with Santa and most of the time just kept staring at him! So the past two years were good with Santa....this year not so much. So since I did not get a great pictures of the kids with Santa for Christmas cards, I tried to get a picture if them by the Christmas stuff. The kids were not cooperating though. I got a good picture of Parker by himself and an ok picture of Rayden by herself but just so so pictures of the two of them together. I still have not gotten any pictures printed out or anything for Christmas cards...who knows if they will even get done just like last year.

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