Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It is always nice when we get to spend time with each other. We got to do this a lot over the Thanksgiving weekend, and the kids loved being able to spend time with their Aunties and Uncles.

Renee doing workbooks with the girls. This kept the girls busy for quite awhile. And I learned the workbooks last a lot longer if you do not write in them :) since the girls did not care that they had already done them once, twice or even three times already! Rayden really loves her Auntie Renee and had a lot of fun with her!

Jeff and Brady looking at all of the fish together. Brady kept pointing in the tank saying "fishy, fishy" "Nemo, Nemo!" It was so cute!

Bryan hanging out on the couch with Parker. Poor Parker was a little to small to be doing all of the fun things with the big kids, but he did get to hang out with all of us!

Parker and Corey. Parker just loved playing with and being held by his Auntie Corey.....and the girls just love her too. She is so much much fun to be around, we just wish she lived a little closer!
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