Monday, March 24, 2008

Parker's Room

The blanket that started it all.

This past weekend Jeff, my mom, Bonnie, Kathy and I all worked on painting Parker's new room. We all got the room painted on Friday and then on Saturday Bonnie and Kathy came in and drew all the animals on his walls by hand and then painted them! I think the big giraffe is my favorite! The room turned out so so super cute and everyone worked so hard getting it done. The only things left to do now are the touchups, the ceiling and then putting the room together. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and it wouldn't have gotten done without you! :)

Dyeing Eggs

Rayden had fun dyeing easter eggs this year. We had some little dye q-tip things that you could paint on the eggs with, she had fun with that but the colors came out really fast and dyed her hands pretty good. I think we finally have all of the green off of them!

Parker's Little Bunny

Grandma Bonnie got Parker his first Easter bunny. He was holding it Easter morning and was all smiles. I never got the chance to take pictures of him with his other gifts. Grandma and Papa got him a really cute blue elephant toy and a cute new outfit. Parker had a good first Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Oh Rayden was just so so so excited when she got up Easter morning and saw all of the stuff the Easter Bunny brought for her. She had a blast going through everything in her basket and had a big smile on her face almost the whole time :)

Playing with Gifts

Rayden loved playing with all of her stuff from Easter. She especially liked her binoculars and her new Dora dress up dress. She liked to spin around in it and she had to wear it to go find Easter eggs too!

Egg Hunt

Rayden had a blast finding eggs this year. She was so excited and so good at it! She did get lazy at one point and was riding her tricycle to find them :)


Here is Rayden in her pretty Easter dress. She didn't want to cooperate and didn't want her picture taken for once in her life, so this is all we got. She looked so pretty in her dress and she loved her little Easter hat. She thought it was a cowboy hat and would lift it off her head and say "Yee haw!"


Parker looked so preppy and cute in his little Easter outfit! A happy boy like always!

Rayden and Parker

Here are both of the kids together on Easter!


It is hard enough getting a picture of two of the kids together, but getting one of the three of them together was almost impossible. None of them ever looked at the camera at the same time and it didn't help that Rayden and Jordan were very tired and getting cranky! But here is what we managed to get :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Breakfast Time

This past weekend we headed over to Klamath for a little visit since we hadn't been there in forever. We all had a great time and wished we could have stayed longer. Rayden helped Grandma make breakfast of pancakes and bacon one morning, which is her favorite, and sat in her favorite spot at the bar to eat it :) Yummo!

Dr. Rayden

Rayden made sure to bring all of her doctor stuff over to Grandma and Papa's house. This is one of her favorite games right now and she will play it for hours on end. She will listen to your heart, check your blood pressure, give you shots and then put some boo boo cream on it to make it feel better. Grandma got a lot of shots while we were there and her blood pressure was always a 7, 8, 9! Rayden even let Grandma check her out once in awhile.