Friday, August 22, 2008

Eye Appointment

Just to give you all an update, Parker had his eye appointment today at the opthamologist. The appointment went well and Parker really liked the doctor and so did we. We went there thinking that there was a problem with his right eye, because this is the eye he always crossed before. He had stopped crossing his eye but decided to go ahead and still take him in. Well his problem is actually with his left eye. Parker had a little exam first when we went in and the doctor said it was his left eye. So they dilated his eyes and patched his right eye and then had another exam after about 45 minutes. We found out that Parker has what is called Duane Syndrome. His left eye will not track anything to the left, he just turns his head instead to see. This is why his right eye would look like it was crossed, it was actually looking to the left while his left eye stayed straight. There is nothing serious with Duane's syndrome and it will not effect him in anything that he does. (well the doctor said he just couldn't be a pilot for the army!) But his left eye being smaller is also a characteristic of Duane syndrome. After his appointment everything made so much sense. So he will go back in 6 months for a check-up and if everything still looks fine then Parker will not have to be seen for a few years.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guess What????

I got my first tooth today! I was trying to hide it so no one would see it or feel it, but mommy found it.


Parker loves to eat Puffs, I have never met a baby that didn't like them though. He is learning to pick things up on his own, but he will only eat the puffs if he picks them up with his first finger and thumb. If he gets the puff in his fist he just shakes it off and goes for another one. I was having to break them up because he was choking, but today he was eating them whole and they are a lot easier to grab that way.


Just another installment of "Mommy take a picture of me and Parker!" I hear this a lot :)

Farmers Market

Last week we went to the Farmers Market and got a bunch of yummy fresh fruits and vegetables. At this Farmers Market they had a little petting zoo for the kids. Rayden's favorites were the bunnies. She liked the goats at first, when we were leaving their pen Rayden's back was towards one of them and it ran up and rammed her in the back. She was NOT happy about that and it was super hot, so we left. Now if you say anything about the Farmers Market she says, "That's where the stupid goat rammed my back!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Years Old

Wow our little girl is 3!! What a year it has been too, she sure makes life more interesting! It is so crazy how much they learn and grow in one year, and boy it just flies by.....too quickly! At her 3 year well child check she was 29.4 pounds and 35 inches. She is doing really well and is ahead on a lot of things! Luckily this visit required no shots...phew! So on Rayden's actual birthday she had a busy day. She is signed up for some birthday clubs so she got to take advantage of that on her birthday. First we went to Red Robin for her free birthday lunch, along with some singing and ice cream from the employees (she got REALLY shy when they came out and sang to her!) Then we stopped at a Dutch Brothers for her first free smoothie of the day. (everyone gets free drinks on their birthday) After that we headed to Toys R Us for her birthday balloon, crown and to spend the gift card that Geoffrey the Giraffe sent her!! She also got a card for a free Happy Meal at McDonald's but we saved that for another day. Later she got another smoothie ( a big one!) and then crashed. It was a long day and it is hard work being 3!

Pizza Party

Well Rayden wanted her party at Pizza Hut this year which actually ended up being much easier. She had an Abby Cadabby party, who is a little character from Sesame Street that she likes. A lot of friends and family showed up to join us for all of the fun. Rayden had a great time seeing everyone, playing with all of her friends, opening her gifts, eating pizza and of course cake!! I forgot about my camera until cake time so I do not have many pictures, the whole thing got recorded so that is good. I haven't received any of the other photos from some of my friends so this is what we have to show you for now! Parker had a good time at the party, mostly because he was being held the whole time and didn't mind at all being passed around from persom to person. So all in all it was a fun party and Rayden had a great time. Thanks for coming everyone!!!

New Bike!!

Daddy and Mommy got Rayden a new big girl bike for her birthday. She has asked for this for a long long time and was super excited when Daddy wheeled it in at her party. Now she wants to go for a bike ride almost every night. We all take a walk, while she rides, down to the playground every night, then she plays for awhile then we walk back home. She doesn't ever seem to get tired while riding. She sure loves her bike!

New Kitchen

Rayden got a brand new kitchen for her birthday from Papa Alan and Grandma Terrie. The kitchen is at their house so she has something to play with while she is there. They set it up early in the morning so she would wake up and find it. She was sooo super excited! This is the kitchen she has been looking at for months and months in Toys R Us. So now she plays in her kitchen all of the time while over there. She makes everyone coffee and soup and anything else her little head can imagine!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Rayden got a hopscatch game for her birthday and she just loves it. It is pretty funny to watch because she doesn't know how to just hop on one foot, so she does this silly little jump thing, I just laugh! She sure has a blast though


Since it was soooo super hot this week we spent quite a bit of time in the pool. This was Parker's first time in the big pool and her LOVED it. He would have stayed in there all day if we let him. He loved to float on his back and you could dunk him under the water and he splashed a lot! Rayden still loves being in the pool. She jumps off the ladder, holds onto the side and goes along the whole pool and she is starting to let us put her under water a little and she is almost floating on her back by herself. Swimming is just so much fun!


Just a few random close up pictures of the kids. I just love the way Parker's eyes look in the first one and the first one of Rayden's shows off her eyelashes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Parker Laughing

Parker laughs at almost everything that Rayden does, I just have not been able to catch it on video yet. Today I was lucky and had the camera close by when we were outside. Parker thought Rayden saying "pop" was hilarious!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

7 Months Old

Another month has flown by again. Parker is still growing slowly, but still eats like a little pig :) He is rolling more, but still scooting around on the back of his head most of the time, Grandma Terrie calls him "Scooter." He no longer needs to be wrapped up to sleep but he wants his favorite soft blue blankie to pull up to his face. He has been starting to get up on his knees, but usually pulls them to far forward without moving his hands, so he falls flat on his face, but he keeps trying! Still no teeth either, even though they keep trying :) Let's see what the next month brings.