Friday, June 13, 2008

Sitting Up

Parker has been practicing his sitting up skills lately. He doesn't do too shabby! If Rayden is sitting next to him, sometimes he will stay sitting for about 5-10 minutes. Rayden thinks it is just great that he is doing this, she loves watching him grow up and learn all of these new things. Ahhhh he is growing so fast!


Yup, he's rolling! He hasn't quite figured out that he could keep going and going, and I am not egging him on. he rolls a few times then stops and plays. When he is playing on his belly he has to put his tiptoes on the ground and stick his butt in the air so his belly and legs aren't touching the ground anymore (last picture), its pretty silly looking cause he wiggles back and forth when he is up like this!

A Day at the Park

We finally had a nice day again so Shawna and I packed up all of the kids and headed to the park. First we all had lunch from Subway, then the kids went off to play. They had such a good time and so did we. It was nice to get out of the house to the park for the first time this year. Rayden took a nice long nap when we got home too!!

Little Climber

Rayden is really into climbing things right now, so the park was perfect for all of her climbing needs. She did really good and never fell, but did get stuck one time on something.

Pinecones For Sale

Rayden was zipping all over the park finding pinecones. Her and Caitlyn pretended to have a pinecone store and they were asking all of the kids at the park if they wanted to buy a pinecone, let's hope pinecones are cheaper than gas :D

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Swinging is just so much fun! Shawna does a pretty good job at keeping Rayden and Colin going the whole time. There were a few kids waiting to use the swings but the two of them didn't want to give them up, I think the park needs to put in some more swings!

The Babies' Day

Parker and Madisyn spent the day hanging out on the blanket together, being held and sleeping. Not much for them to do yet but they seemed to enjoy being outside. Parker was just taking in everything! Madisyn is still smaller than Parker, but not by much, it won't be long now!

Best Buds

Rayden and C.J. look like they could be little twins in their matching shirts. Their shirts say "This is my time out shirt, I wear it all day long" Ahhhh so true, so true!

Island Juice

Our park trip day ended with a stop at Island Juice. YUMMY!!!!

Playing in the Saucer

So Parker is big enough now, so we pulled out the saucer for him to play in at Grandma and Papa's house. He likes to chew on all the toys, but hasnt figured everything out yet.

More Saucer Fun

Rayden had to get in on the fun that brother was having too, so she hopped in the saucer to play and get her picture taken! Good thing she is little or else she probably would have gotten stuck.

Piano Man

Parker playing with his sissy's piano, maybe another musical kid on our hands??

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chore Chart

Rayden has a Chore Chart now! It just has little things on it like brushing her teeth, cleaning her room, picking up her toys in the living room, listening, saying please and thank-you, helping mommy, taking her vitamins and cleaning up after her meals. She gets a sticker each day if she does good, and if she has done good all week she gets her sparkly star sticker! She gets a little treat if she gets all of her stars at the end of the week, this week she got a candy stick and a cool rainbow pencil. When she has a months worth of stars she will get a bigger treat. It seems to be working really well and she just loves to get her stickers everyday!

Ice Cream Truck

So Rayden definitely knows what the ice cream truck is this year. It goes by Grandma and Papa's house almost every time that she is there, and of course Papa almost always takes her out there to get an ice cream. As soon as Rayden hears the music from the truck she runs to get Papa. The first picture was from the day before when they heard the truck, but he never came down their road, so Ray had to wait until the next day. This time she got a Cotton Candy popsicle, waved goodbye to the truck and sat down outside to enjoy her treat :)

Little Miss...........

Little Miss Trouble
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Bad
Little Miss Chatterbox
Rayden loves loves her Little Miss clothes. Her favorite is probably her Little Miss Bad one, except lately when she has been wearing it she actually has been Little Miss Bad.......hmmmm. I have been looking for one that says Little Miss Bossy but haven't found it in clothes yet.