Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pizza and Goodbyes

Before we all had to head home the next day we went out for pizza together! All of us took up a huge table there and shared some pizza and fun! The kids enjoyed their cheese pizza. Parker ate two pieces to the other kids' one piece! Brady looooved the ranch dressing and soon was eating it instead of his pizza! The girls, Brady, Grandmoo and Grandma Bonnie all had fun coloring together and made some pretty pictures. The girls also were pretending to shoot the deer on the video game there, the gun was almost bigger than them! It was a super fun night, but then it was time to say goodbye to Corey and Jason as they were headed back home that night. The next morning we all packed up and said goodbye too. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and so great to see everyone again. The kids always have such a fun time together and Rayden talks about it for a long time afterwards. Thank you for taking all of us in Grandma Bonnie and Papa Chuck!
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