Monday, August 31, 2009


Things are still busy around here, but starting to slow down. In a way this will be nice, the kids will get back on a schedule, my house might get clean and I should get this blog updated more often but I really have enjoyed everything that we have been doing this summer. I am going to try to get the blog updated this week, there is a lot to get on from camping trips, Rayden's birthday and some other random things.

Parker's surgery was on Friday and we arrived at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning. He was a happy boy out in the waiting room, playing with some little plastic chairs....his morning went downhill after they brought him back to his room. He automatically got wary, cranky and mad once we got in the room and the nurse wanted to check him. He wanted nothing to do with her or anything she needed to do to him....and that was only taking his temperature and listening to his heartbeat....that was the easy part. Jeff and I struggled to get his hospital gown on him and he had finally calmed down when the nurse came back in to put his hospital bracelets on his ankle.....those really made him mad! Soon they came and took Parker away and told us it would be about an hour and they would come let us know how he did. Almost exactly an hour later the surgeon came in to talk to us and said that the surgery went great but putting the IV in was a different story. He said Parker had been dehydrated and had small veins so they had a really really hard time putting an IV in him and had to try numerous spots before they were successful. They finally had gotten the IV into his neck. As soon as Parker started waking up from the anesthesia they brought him in to us, he was very very confused, upset and angry. He immediately started trying to yank the IV out of his neck and Jeff had to hold down his hands tightly to keep him from doing it. They had also brought him in some water in a paper cup, he wanted this but wanted to drink it without help but the cup kept caving in so I had to take it away and help him, this just increased his anger. The nurse finally came in and get the IV out and then he was pulling at all the pieces of tape on himself from all the failed IV attempts. The nurse returned and told us we just needed to take him home because he was not going to calm down there. We got him home and gave him some Tylenol and put our little guy to bed. He slept for a couple hours, got up and ate some crackers then went back to sleep. He slept for a few more hours and when he woke up he was almost back to his old self. He was already running around playing again like nothing had happened!!! The next day we even took him to the park! The only way you can tell he just went through surgery are his battle wounds.....he has his incision and my poor little guy looks like a pin cushion with pokes and bruises everywhere they tried for an IV, arms, hands. legs, feet and his neck. He will go back to the surgeon for a follow up in two weeks! We just wanted to thank everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers during all of this. We are so grateful that everything turned out well and he is making a fast recovery!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Surgeon Visit

Parker had his appointment with the surgeon today to find out when or if they were going to do surgery to fix his hernia. They are definitely going to do the surgery and fix it. His surgery will be on the 28th of August with a check in time of 5:30 and the procedure to start at 7:30. Parker will be put to sleep and then it will take about half an hour. Afterwards they will wake him up and he should be able to go home :) He said that babies bounce back from the surgery pretty fast and they actually only ever seem to need Tylenol for the pain afterwards, let's hope he is right. I will update once again after the surgery is done.

4 Year and 18 Month Pictures

The kids went in last week to get their pictures done. Rayden got her 4 year pictures, Parker his 18 month pictures and Jordan got some pictures taken for his mom's birthday. We got one shot of the three cousins together....all actually looking at the camera! Rayden wasn't too bad getting her pictures taken, she just wanted to make funny faces. Parker did not want to cooperate and I had to trick him into the picture most of the time. I had to tickle him and hold him down to stay. The picture where he is laying on his belly is super cute, he had tried to crawl away and I dragged him by his feet across the floor, he started laughing and they snapped the picture! I think most of them turned out cute though!