Saturday, March 14, 2009

A New Park

The past couple days were really nice here (now lousy again!) so Jeff and I took the kids to a new park that we had seen. The park was great for Rayden, who ran around doing everything. Parker just got to swing and ride around in a stroller since he decided he isn't going to walk anymore (yeah one day he will walk everywhere....the next day he refuses to take one step!) Rayden had two favorite things there. One was the merry go round type of thing with the ropes on it, I figured she would want off when the big kids started spinning it, but she was yelling FASTER FASTER!! The other was a black disc type swing that you sit or lay in and it swings back and forth. It was a really neat to go to a park that had some new types of structures to play on, the only thing we wished it had was some grass to sit on!

Playing in the Sandbox

After we got back from the park the kids played in the sandbox. Parker has never been in sand before and he did not like the feel of it whatsoever! He just sat there and played with the toys while Sissy played in the sand (and dumped it on him!).

A Trip to Wildlife Safari

Last weekend Rayden headed up to Winston to Wildlife Safari with Papa and Grandma! They wanted to get out of the house and Rayden loves animals, so what a great place to go! She had such a wonderful time looking at all of the different animals and came home super excited, telling us all about it. She got a little stuffed cheetah there that she carries with her everywhere now.

Animals at Wildlife Safari

There are so many different types of animals at Wildlife Safari, these are some pictures of just some of them. Many of the animals get to walk around freely while you drive through, so they could walk right up to your car, my parents car get pecked by an Emu at one point! Some of Rayden's favorites (her favorite changes everyday!) were the cheetah, the monkeys, the emu and the giraffe. My favorite is the pictures of the big fat hippos!! She had such a great time on her trip to the Wildlife Safari with Papa and Grandma, and talks about it often. We are planning a trip to the zoo this summer and she can't wait!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Videos

This is a video of Parker hitting himself. He does this quite often...but usually only when he is mad. He used to hit us but would get in trouble so he started hitting himself. On this night he was just being silly though :)

Parker just loves to give kisses, especially to Rayden. They were just goofing around at the table and he all of a sudden decided he wanted a kiss.....too cute!

New Towels

I asked Rose if she could make some hooded towels for the kids that would match the bathroom and that they would love. She came through and they are suuuuuuuper cute! Right after we got the towels Rayden wanted to take a both so she could use hers. Of course neither of the kids would put their head down far enough to see the design on them very well but Rose has better pictures of them at her embroidery blog. Rayden's towel is green with her name on it and a monkey of course, and Parker's towel is a beige color with his name and a cute giraffe. The kids love their new towels and now there is no arguing from Rayden's side which towel she is going to use so Parker doesn't :) Thanks again Rose!!
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Games With Daddy

Parker loves to sit in Daddy's lap while he plays his computer games!! He watches him so intently and always has to try to sneak in a button push while daddy isn't looking!!
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Let's Go Fly a Kite

Rayden asks all of the time to go fly kites. Papa thought it might be windy enough on this day and headed outside with her to try. It turned out not to be windy enough but Rayden sure had fun running up and down after him while he tried :) A few days later they tried again and it was definitely windy enough.....a little too windy! Rayden let go of the kite strings and Papa had to chase the thing all the way down the street, and then later on the kite broke :( She sure had fun while it lasted though.
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Pucker Up

I am always one of those mean moms that gives kids lemons and limes and then laughs when they get that sour look on their face :) I had not done this to Parker yet until this day, but his reaction was dissapointing. He. Loves. Lemons. He sucked every single bit of that lemon out of the peel and loved every second of funny faces, nothing!
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A Beautiful Day

Last week we had one really nice day so we decided to take advantage of it and headed of to the park with a picnic. After we all ate the kids headed off to play and release some of their energy. It was so nice an relaxing to be outside with the sun shining. The kids all had fun and the day ended too fast!
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