Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two Months Old

Today little Mr. Parker is 2 months old. At his appointment he weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and was 21 1/4 inches long. The doctor said he is growing great and is a very healthy, happy smart boy. He did have a bad visit at the end because he had to get 5 shots and also an oral vaccine. He was NOT a happy boy at all and screamed his little head off. He is sleeping a lot now and is a little fussy at times but doing good considering what he went through today. Our little guy just loves to smile all the time and is doing new things everyday.

Little Bear

Parker has this cute little teddy bear blanket. he loves being wrapped up in is so soft! He just looks so precious :)

Parker's New Swing

Parker's old swing that he had broke on us, the motor burned up. Now he has this new Rainforest one that he just loves! He just loves to look at all of the bright colors on it and sleeps so good in it. It matches his playmat too! Thanks grandma and papa :)

Wall Painting

Since Uncle Alan moved out we are moving Rayden into his old room. She picked out this color of pink for her walls called "Candy Tuft" She had a blast helping Daddy paint the walls in her new room and couldn't wait for it to be finished.

Ray's New Room

Yay!! Rayden's new room is finally finished!! She loves her new room, all done up in Dora of course. She has a new Dora bed, table, toy bins and curtains. There is so much more room for all of her toys and things in here and her tent from Ampa Larry and Grandma Becky gets to stay up all the time, which she loves! Rayden just loves to play in her room now, now we just have to get started on her old room and make it into Parker's.....

Piano Player

Rayden learned the other night that grandma and papa have a piano and she hasn't stopped playing it since! She loves to sit there and play and sing. Jordan had fun playing on it with her too. One of her favorite songs to sing is Happy Birthday. In the little video if you turn your sound up, she is singing Happy Birthday to Brady!

Funny Faces

Rayden just loves to make funny faces and asked for me to take a picture of her doing them. Yup she looks pretty funny all right!

Fun Hair

Another new hairdo for Rayden. Auntie Shawna showed us how to do this one. It took about 20 minutes to do but Rayden was good the whole time and sat still for me to do it. She loved looking at her hair in the mirror after it was done.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, from all of us!! Here are the kids dressed in their Valentine outfits and Rayden with her gift.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Smile

So this is the closest I have gotten of getting a picture of Parker smiling, of course the little turkey had to look away from the camera when he did it!

Friday, February 8, 2008

6 Weeks Old

6 weeks has flown by already since Parker arrived. Crazy crazy! What a wonderful blessing our little guy is! He is growing fast and we think he weighs anywhere from 7 1/2 to 8 pounds now, he won't actually go to the doctor to get weighed again until the end of the month. Parker is now smiling and it is too cute, but hard to get a picture of! He is trying so hard to "talk" and is making some really cute little noises. He is still sleeping through the night usually going from 10-6 which makes it nice for us. What a good and calm little guy he is :)

Daddy and His Boy

Daddy is sure enjoying having a baby in the house again. He loves to hold Parker and talk and cuddle with him. Parker just looks at him and tries so hard to talk. In the second picture you can kinda see one of Parker's smiles.

Homemade Gifts

Here are some pictures of Parker with his hat and blankie that great-grandma made him. She had made him a couple hats when he was first born but he quickly outgrew those. Here is the newest one that she just made him and it fits him perfectly and looks so cute. His blankie she made for him before he was born and it is so nice, thick and cozy. He sleeps on it everyday in his playpen. Thanks great-grandma!!

Bath Time

Parker loves his bath time now. He just kicks back and looks around. He actually gets mad when it is over :) It is nice not to have a screaming baby getting bathed.

Water WOW

For Christmas, Rayden got one of these painting books called Water WOW. You just put water on the little brush and then when you paint all of the colors and hidden pictures show up and when the water dries it all dissapears again so you can reuse it. Rayden just loves her Dora one so we decided to get her another one and she picked out Shrek. Here is Rayden and Mommy having fun painting in her new book.