Monday, December 29, 2008

One Year Old!!!!!!

Yesterday our little guy turned ONE!!!! I took a cute picture of him on his little giraffe toy that he got from Papa and Grandma for Christmas when he got up in the morning. We headed out for the day and we went to Red Robin for his free birthday lunch. He got a yummy cheeseburger and fries. The waitresses and waiters came over and sang Happy Birthday to him and he got a birthday sundae, he didn't care much for it! We couldn't afford to throw him a big party but Grandma made him a yummy yummy cake....chocolate with strawberries! He opened his gifts then it was time for him to eat a piece of that yummy cake. He did not even hesitate when it got put on his tray, he picked it right up and started eating! He did really well and ate the whole thing and he really wasn't too messy until the end when he started rubbing his eyes. It was a nice night and maybe next year he can have a big party! (You can click on the collages to see the pictures bigger!)
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S'more of my Thoughts said...

Awww, Happy Birthday! I didn't realize he was born right around Christmas!

Renée and Bryan said...

Happy Birthday Parker!! It looks like you had a fun birthday! We'll have to come bring you your present soon!

ChefDruck said...

Happy birthday! What a special time of year for your family!

Felicia said...

Happy Birthday Sweet little boy!

He is absolutely adorable..and yes.. you can see the pictures bigger when you click them... you truly get to see how much cake is on his face!