Monday, November 9, 2009


In September we headed over to Klamath for a visit and for mine and Jeff's 10 year high school reunion. The reunion was at the fair and a whole 7 people showed up! We talked with a few of our friends for a bit and then went on our way. Rayden was excited about riding the rides. She went on every single kid ride there (some more than once) all by herself, that was the most exciting thing for her! The rest of our visit went great! It was a warm weekend and we all went for many walks, fed birds, picked apples, did puzzles, played games, danced and played!

Another Camping Trip

Just a couple weeks after our first camping trip we headed up for another one! Jeff, Rayden and I went up and camped with some of our good friends. Parker didn't join us for this camping trip, his surgery was scheduled for the next weekend and we didn't want to take any chances of him getting hurt or sick! We had a wonderful time and it was great to spend time with friends. The kids rode their bikes a ton the few days we were there, they went swimming and tubing, roasted marshmallows, had water gun fights, colored, played games and just had a blast! We are looking forward to our group camping trip next year!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Big 4 Year Old!

Rayden turned 4 years old in August and for her birthday dinner she asked to go to Shoji's! It is a Japanese style place that cooks the food in front of is one of her favorite places because they make volcanoes out of the onions and set it on fire! Rayna and Brady were scared of the fire and Rayna would try to hide under the table every time the chef would do it :) The waiter brought Rayden a birthday "hat" made out of a coffee filter that said Happy Birthday on it, it was cute and made her happy. We had a great dinner and a fun time. It's still hard to believe that she is 4 already......she was just a tiny 5 lb. 5 oz. baby not too long ago :)

Rayden's 4th Birthday Party

This year for Rayden's birthday party we just had a laid back BBQ at one of my friends house. The kids all ran around the backyard playing while the adults visited with each other and ate. Rayden opened her gifts and then we headed outside for the pinata! The kids were all excited, but boy did that thing take a lot of work to break open!!! We ended the day with some yummy chocolate and one strawberry. Rayden had a Barbie party and my mom made a barbie cake, but the pictures of it are on her can sorta see it in the background next to the blue cake. Rayden had a great time at her party, thanks for coming everyone!

Crafts with Papa and Daddy

Rayden got a Tinkerbell mosaic craft thing for her birthday and Papa and Daddy helped her put it all together. You had to put pices of colored clay in the holes and then let it dry. The pieces end up falling out when it dries but they had a good time making it.

Family Camping!!

In August we went on a camping trip with family up at Hyatt Lake! We always have a great time whenever we all get together and this trip was no exception. All of the kids really enjoyed having each other to play with, and for the most part they always play great together. Most of their time was spent digging and playing in the dirt, mostly making fake campfires out of it! There was a playground near by that they also got to go play on, which was nice when some of us were trying to prepare meals or clean-up! Grandma Bonnie and Papa Chuck brought up their new boat too! Everyone got a chance to go for a ride in it and some took a fishing trip for a few hours on our last day there. I really hope that we have a chance to do this together every summer because we love it!

All of the kids on the first night.

Big Smiles!

Sharing corn on the cob! They are just too cute together!

Dancing with glow bracelets!

Parker hanging out with Uncle Bryan

Roasting marshmallows (doesn't she just look exhausted!)

Daddy and Parker

Not toooo dirty yet.

Rayna playing in the dirt.

Now they are dirty!

One of my favorite pictures of Rayden and Rayna together!

Naptime in the tent.

Playing football with Uncle Bryan

Parker finally got dirty! He actually stayed clean forever!

Best buds!

Impossible to get a picture of all of them :)

Parker and Brady!

Out on the boat.