Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We headed over the mountain to Klamath for Thanksgiving this year. There is usually a bunch of snow up there around this time, but there was none, it was very weird but made for a nice easy trip. We got there on Wednesday night and stayed until Saturday. Of course Grandma Bonnie and Papa Chuck were there and Bryan, Renee and the kids came down and so did Auntie Corey, Jason and Grandmoo. We had a full house on Thanksgiving day, and it was sooo nice. We had a wonderful meal cooked by Bonnie and wonderful sides cooked by everyone. The kids had a wonderful time playing together all weekend. The adults got some great visiting time in together too. One night Bryan, Renee, Jeff and I all got to play a wonderful long game of Settlers of Catan, it's one of our favorites! It was a great Thanksgiving and great weekend.
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