Monday, April 28, 2008


Well we finally got some pictures taken of Rayden and Parker together, and finally some of Parker! Both of the kids were in a mood and did not really want to cooperate, but the pictures turned out good considering! I am really going to try to get some pictures out to people, I am just so horrible about getting things in the mail. If there is any specific one you want, let me know or else it will just be random :)

New Arrival

My friend Shawna had her little baby girl on Thursday at 36 weeks along, she didn't quite make it to her scheduled c-section date of May 8th! Madisyn Grace made her early appearance and weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches. Rayden just loves her and Parker seemed to like her too! Shawna's babies always grow really fast so I am willing to bet she will be bigger than Parker in a month or two! We had to get some pictures of them together before that happened!

Rayna's Party

This past weekend we went to Rayna's 3rd birthday!!! Rayden was very very tired and took a long time to warm up, but after she did she had a really good time. Rayna's Tinkerbell party was so cute and all of the games were fun. The girls had such a good time after the party with Rayna's new guitar and microphone.

Parker's Day

At Rayna's party, Parker got to visit with a lot of family!!! He had no problems getting passed around to everyone, he actually quite enjoyed it!

Playing Outside

We were over at my mom's house the other day visiting and it was so nice outside. All of the kids were loving being outside together. We got some pictures of Rayden, Jordan and Parker all together, of course all of them are never looking at the camera....but hey, it was worth a shot. It was soooo nice to be outside instead of cooped up in the house!

Kissing Cousins

Rayden leaned out of her house to give Jordan a kiss and he was all over it!! After that kiss he just kept kissing Rayden over and over and over again!


Rayden had been asking for the Whac-a-Mole game for a looooong time, so Grandma got it for her one day. She just had a blast playing it and Parker even joined in on the fun! Mostly I think he liked chewing on the hammer though!!

Aunt Ann's Visit

Aunt Ann, Ampa Larry and Grandma Becky came to visit a couple weekends ago. We all got together at Bryan and Renee's house for a BBQ! It was nice to finally meet Ann, and Jeff had not seen her in years. Rayden finally warmed up to her and now asks when she will see her again. It was so nice to visit with everyone.

Ampa and Grandma

Rayden and Parker had a very nice visit with Ampa and Grandma. Rayden was excited to see them again and Parker loved having everyone around to hold him!


Aunt Ann, Ampa Larry and Grandma Becky all brought presents with them for the kids. Rayden was very excited and loves all of the stuff she got.


All the kids of course had fun playing together.....guess I didn't have any pictures of Brady playing, but he was there too :) They all have such a great time together!