Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9 Months Old

The past month Parker has learned so much! He is no longer scooting around on the back of his head, he is army crawling all over the place. He has also learned that he can pull himself up on things.....but what he hasn't learned is that he cannot let go while standing! Yup, he lets go, then promptly falls.....repeat. Oh well.....he will learn soon or he will just learn to stand without falling, who knows. So our little big boy is going everywhere and getting into everything now.....we knew it was coming but kinda hoped he would not be this mobile already. Now it is constantly "where's Parker" and "what is Parker getting into?" He now has another tooth, so 2 now, with many more trying to sprout.....it seems likes his gums are swollen 24/7, not fun. No words from this guy yet....guess Sissy does enough talking for the both of them :) Two more days until his well baby check-up, I will update you with his stats afterwards. Any guesses on his weight???? Winner gets a pat on the back...ha ha!

School Bus

Parker found Rayden's school bus ride-on toy in his room today and was playing with it. I put him on it and he had such a good time! He actually balanced really well up there considering his feet didn't touch the ground much. At one point he even rested both of his feet on top of the bus! He liked the music on it and just kept hitting it in excitement.....just wait until you can push it around with your feet buddy!

Brother and Sister Bonding

Rayden and Parker sure like playing together. Parker is getting bigger and starting to get his Sissy all on his own. On this day I found him laying on top of her, of course Rayden just thought it was funny.....for now....just wait! The other pictures are of them hanging out in the chair together. They like sitting in Daddy's chair together talking, well Rayden talking...Parker jabbering.

Waiting for Visitors

This past weekend Ampa Larry and Grandma Becky came to visit. We got over to Bryan and Renee's house a little early, so while everyone waited for Ampa and Grandma to show up we visited while the kids played together. First they all sat down and colored with the new crayons and books that Rayden brought, then they all headed outside to play. They played on the swingset, in the sandbox, drew with chalk, rode around on bikes and just had a lot of fun. Soon our visitors showed up and we all headed inside for a little fun!

Ampa and Grandma Visit

Ampa and Grandma came down to visit all of us for belated and early birthdays. It was nice to see them again. We all get to sit around and catch up, and Renee always makes us great food to enjoy too! (thank you!) Parker loved hanging out with Ampa and Grandma, he was much better behaved around them this time! (Last time he was going through a crying around people he doesn't know stage.) Rayden got her belated birthday gifts, a cool new trampoline and one of the greatest kids books I have ever read called Skippyjon Jones. Parker got a new book as well, with a lot of pages to feel...he loves it. Rayden and Rayna got to make cookies with Grandma again. They do this everytime they come to visit, and the girls wouldn't have it any other way. These visits always go by too fast, but they are always fun. Thanks for coming to see us and thank you for everything!!

Playing Tea

Rayna had a cute little tea set on her table so Rayden wanted to play tea with everyone, well except Mommy and Daddy. She played tea with Grandma Becky, Ampa Larry, Auntie Renee and Uncle Bryan. She had fun and it was too cute!

Rayden's New Toy

Rayden got this kids trampoline from Ampa Larry and Grandma Becky as a late birthday present. She absolutely looooves this new toy. It's great too because she gets to expell some of the energy that she has. It plays music, does animal sounds, counts and makes some weird silly noises too. The kids also like to play under it like a fort too. Thankyou Ampa and Grandma for the great gift!! (Sorry for the video being sideways, it would not stay rotated.)

Coming Soon!

Here are some posts for now, but there are quite a few more to come! Not sure if I will get them all on here tonight, but at least I got these up. I have really been slacking in the blogging department lately.....we have been busy busy going everywhere lately and the kids were sick for awhile too. I want to get all of this done before the weekend coming up because Jeff will be gone hunting for a week, so the kids and I will be staying at my mom's house. Parker has his 9 month well baby check on Thursday so I will update all of you with that, luckily no shots at this one, YAY! So check back again soon for the other posts, a couple videos and update on the doctor appointement!

Visiting in K. Falls

The weekend before last we headed over to Klamath to visit Grandma Bonnie and Papa Chuck. It was so nice to go over there and visit again! We went shopping, watched some movies and just enjoyed the company. On one of the days we all went furniture shopping and Grandma and Papa got new couches and coffee tables, they are very nice! So we went ahead and brought all of their other stuff back with us, thankyou! The weekend went too fast and before we knew it it was time to head back over the hill towards home. Thanks for letting us visit and putting up with our rowdy ones!

Rayden in Klamath

Watching a movie with Grandma on their new couch.

Rayden and Grandma went rock collecting! She was looking for some round rocks for a project that her and I are going to do soon, she was excited to find plenty of rocks to bring home!

Rayden had a great time playing on Grandma's treadmill. She was scared to death of it if it was turned on though. But she ran tons with it turned off and then also learned that she could hold onto the bar and swing...weeeeee!

After Grandma and Papa got their new table in the living room it was fair game! Rayden had such a fun time playing underneath of it and also hiding all of her toys in the drawers.

Silly Rayden in Papa's glasses.....she wore them all night and actually looked pretty cute in them!

Rayden had a fabulous time while visiting. She said the drive was very very very long though :) Not sure how she would know since she slept almost all the way there and back! She had tons of fun helping Grandma cook all weekend long, going shopping, feeding the fish (over and over and over she asked...) and harrassing playing with the animals!