Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trying To Catch Up!

Wow it has been a long time since anything has gotten posted on here! I have had many many problems with Blogger and am thinking about finding a new site to load our pictures on to share with you guys. Not sure if the problem is actually Blogger or our computer, but the pictures tonight took over 2 hours to get on here!! Things have been going well, just staying busy and living life :) I will *try* to post some more pictures on here soon! I have Parker's birthday party this weekend and after that things should slow down for a bit! Whew! I hope you enjoy what I did get on here for now.

Christmas Eve/Christmas

On Christmas Eve we headed over to Bryan and Renée's for their annual Mexican potluck! Dinner was wonderful and it was great to sit and visit with everyone. The kids and the adults did a fun little gift exchange. The kids then sang happy birthday to baby Jesus and enjoyed a delicious dark chocolate peppermint cake that Renée made. Soon after the kids opened their Christmas Eve jammies and then laid down and listened to "The Night Before Christmas." We always look forward to and enjoy this Christmas Eve tradition and this year was no exception. Thank you Bryan and Renée for opening up your home to us every year to celebrate with you!

Christmas morning was a blast with the kids! The had such a fun morning opening their gifts from family and from Santa! My camera battery died so I didn't get many pictures, but we had a great morning. We then all headed over to Alan and Becca's house to make Christmas dinner and spend the day with family. We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner and just had a wonderful day.

Meet Jax!

Meet the newest member of our family :) Jax! He came into our family quickly about a week before Christmas. I was over visiting a friend and her caregiver was there. The caregiver had this little puppy who was given to her for Christmas from a friend. She unfortunately still lives with her parents and they told her that she couldn't keep him, so she had to get rid of him quickly. Rayden and Parker played with him all day and just loved him......this was a huge deal because Parker is usually scared to death of dogs. We went home and discussed it and the next night Jeff went and picked him up and brought him home. We hadn't told the kids that we were getting him so they were so surprised! Rayden was so happy and so surprised that she started crying! So he is ours now and has adapted pretty well to us. He is a good puppy and we just love him :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Rayden has been on a huge puzzle kick! She loves doing puzzles and will do them over and She started out doing the 24 piece ones and is up to 100-150 piece ones now. The funny thing is is that most of the time she does them from the inside out instead of doing the edges first like most people.

Pumpkin Patch/Halloween

Bryan, Renée and the kids joined us at the pumpkin patch this year. The kids had a great time doing all of the activities and picking out their pumpkins!

Rayden had fun cleaning out the pumpkins this year and helping daddy carve them. She picked out a witch for her pumpkin and an alien for Parker's.

We headed over to Auntie Becca and Uncle Alan's house this year to go trick or treating. Rayden of course picked a Dorothy costume and Parker was dressed as a firefighter. Parker walked up to his first house and was very excited about getting candy in his bucket, but for a few houses after that he just kept screaming "Mine mine!" and we figured out that he thought the people at the door were going to take away his candy! He learned pretty quick though and both the kids had a blast running up to doors, it was a fun Halloween!