Saturday, November 15, 2008


Parker wanted to let you guys know that he is doing much better. We went to his appointment on Thursday and there are no more wheezing sounds coming from his chest and his lungs sound clear! The medicine has done it's job and he is sounding much better and is much happier!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Feeling Too Great

Parker has had a cold for about 6 weeks now and it wasn't going away. We finally took him to the doctor and our poor little guy has pneumonia. The doctor gave him a breathing treatment, but that did not help him much so she started him on some antibiotics. He goes in for a follow up on Thursday so I will update then about how he is doing. Yesterday was a long and hard day for him and this picture was last night when he was just laying in my lap....he is a wiggly boy so he usually does not do this. Last night was a rough night and he was up quite a few times, which is very unusual for him. Around 5:30 he woke up and had a fever, so I gave him some Tylenol and he has been sleeping good since then. Let's hope he is feeling a little better when he wakes up and hopefully he will get over all of this soon.
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Parker's Toy

Parker's toy is just a cup. He loves this stupid cup. This cup goes everywhere at home with him, and it has done so for days. If you take his cup away he gets realllllllllllllllly mad and will throw a big tissy fit (yeah he is REALLY good at doing that now!) We decided to get him cups and spoons for Christmas because he enjoys playing with them so much. (No just kidding!!)
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boys will be Boys........

That is unless your big sister dresses you up in a pretty dress (at least it was blue!!!) Rayden was playing "Talent Show" and the next thing I know Parker is in a pretty blue dress. I cracked up and of course grabbed my camera! (soooo mean!) He actually thought the dress was funny and kept grinning and laughing the whole time....but he also thought he could eat it too :) Rayden loved it all! We finally took the dress off of him though because he was having a really hard time crawling in it and was getting mad by this point, so Rayden's pretend talent show came to an end. It sure gave all of us a laugh though!
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Hide and Seek


Oh! She found me!!

There she is!

I wonder where Rayden could be????

Since winter and rainy weather has officially arrived we are trying to find new things to do to keep us entertained inside the house. Rayden's favorite game right now is hide and seek. We get to play this together while Parker is napping. She has sooooo much fun playing this game, but when you are hiding you better hide fast because she counts to 10 reallllly fast!! Sometimes she only makes it to 7 before she yells "Ready or not, here I come!!" She loves hiding as much as she loves seeking. It is usually pretty easy to find her because you can usually see her or hear her!
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After Parker got up from his nap him and Rayden played blocks together. Parker really likes playing with blocks, even though he doesn't know what to do with them. Rayden has always enjoyed playing with them and likes to build "high towers." I am sure blocks and hide and seek will get boring soon and we will have to find new things to keep entertained during the cold and wet winter months.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Rayden and Parker's Great Aunt Linda and Great Uncle Bill came to visit from Washington this past weekend. We had not seen them in a couple years (since Rayden's first birthday I think) so it was wonderful to see them and catch up on everything. They had never met Jordan or Parker before and Rayden is so much bigger than she was. We all sat around and gabbed while they played with the kids and while the kids played with their little doggy. This little doggy became Rayden's bestest bud for the weekend. His name was Buddy, but got called a whole slew of names such as Barry, Blueberry, Tony, Sammy and probably more. It was such a nice weekend and we wish it could have lasted a little longer. Thanks for coming all this way to visit!!
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Happy Halloween

Rayden was sooo super excited for Halloween to finally be here! Ray dressed up as a cute ladybug and got to wear her sparkly red shoes, (think Wizard of Oz shoes) Parker kinda dressed up as a little ghost and Jordan came over to trick or treat with us as a Pirate (Arrrrrrrgh!) They all had a great night of fun!
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Trick or Treating

Rayden was an expert this year at Trick or Treating, she knew exactly how to do it and she did it well! One problem was that she did not stop at just "trick or treat" and "thank you," she had to have a conversation with everyone that opened a door. She asked about their animals and their decorations and anything she could think of. She even got after one guy for not giving Parker any candy, his response: "great job keeping me on my toes!" Parker was pretty much just along for the ride, and his candy went to Rayden anyway. Jordan was unsure about what was going on and why people were giving him candy. There were not too many houses giving out candy this year which was fine because the kids got tired and it was windy and yucky out. We all had a good time though!
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Towards the end of the night everyone was getting tired of walking around. Jordan went in the stroller and fell asleep and Papa carried Rayden on the last stretch of the walk. We got back inside and checked all the candy and then the kids had a few pieces. It was a fun night and Rayden is already talking about Halloween for next year.
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10 Months Old

At 10 months old we have a boy who is into everything and eating everything! Parker is everywhere getting into trouble and still doesn't know how to stay still. He is getting better at harassing his sister just like she harasses him! Now we constantly hear Rayden saying "Parker's bothering me again!" We have learned that this little boy can crawl just fine when he wants to, he just chooses not is faster to army crawl I guess. Parker's stomach is a black hole....I have never seen a guy as little as him eat so much. We are not sure where he is keeping all this food because it sure shouldn't all fit in his little belly. Grandma says we are going to be sorry when he is a teenager.......
Lately he has been a cuddle bug who will lay his head down on your shoulder, this is so nice and so sweet. Unfortunately it does not last very long. Only two short months til our little boy is one.
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All Tuckered Out

The past few weekends have been busy. We have been out and about doing so much and the kids are not at home to take their naps, so this is where they have been napping! All you need is a soft fuzzy blanket and they will sleep!
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