Monday, April 27, 2009


The kids have really enjoyed the bubble bucket that they got for Easter. We were out on the porch while they were playing and we saw that when Rayden held the bubble wand up to Parker's mouth he would blow a bunch of bubbles! Of course when I went to get it on video he would only get one or two bubbles instead of a whole bunch. Later he started dipping his own wand and blowing the bubbles without any help too. There are two short videos of him over in the video bar at the side.

Some Cute Pictures

It isn't often that I get a decent picture of the two kids together, so I was very happy about these ones! It was so cute with them sitting on their little bench together.

Playing Outside

We had some gorgeous weather last week and the kids and I spent a lot of time playing outside. Rayden has always loved it outside and will go out there any chance she gets! She loves playing with her soccer set that she had gotten for Christmas this past year and she also loves playing with the football. She puts her babies in the little swing and pushes them as well. It is just so nice to get to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Playing Outside Cont.

Parker was excited to go outside to play.....he just gets mad when it is time to go in. However he didn't really enjoy being down in the grass in shorts and sandals. He refused to walk on the grass and most of the time when he was sitting down he was holding his legs up in the air! He played on the little slide some and with the soccer ball but mostly he watched Rayden playing and sat in a little lawn chair enjoying the sunshine!

Playing In Water

Since it was such a warm nice day we filled up the water table for the kids to play in. Rayden had fun like always! Parker only wanted to drink the water. He would dip his little cup in, put it to his mouth and tip! Water in his mouth and ALL over him. He was soaked by the time we went in the house :)

Out For A Walk

After dinner it was still pretty warm out so we decided to go for a walk. We walked and Rayden rode her bike down to the playground and the basketball court. The kids had a ton of fun running all ove the basketball court, we liked it because they got out a lot of energy!! On the walk back we met up with some of our neighbors and they brought their son, Seth, over to play in the back yard for a bit. It was past 8:00 when we finally went inside; we got the kids ready for bed and they crashed.

Gone Fishing

Rayden went on a day fishing trip with Papa Alan and Grandma Terrie. She had such a great time and talked about fishing for days. She did really well and out of the 14 fish caught that day she caught two of them herself! She held a fish once, but then said they were too slimy to hold anymore! She has now asked for her own little fishing pole instead of a big one and wants to go again soon!

New Shades

Parker got some new shades for sunny days. For the most part he likes them and will leave them on for awhile. He looks pretty cute in them.