Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Zoo!!

The Oregon Zoo! The second place on Rayden's list to go! We all headed out in the morning for the zoo with a very excited little girl. She wanted to see the bears, elephants, monkeys and giraffes the most. We saw all of those animals and then some! Rayden's favorite animal was the black was just on the other side of the glass right in front of her! She took a picture of him and we left but she kept wanting to go back and see him again! The elephants were fun, especially the baby elephant named Sam (short for Samudra). Parker had a laid back day and enjoyed looking at all the animals. He loved watching the monkeys jump around all over the place and he liked the bear as well! The zoo has changed a lot since I was a kid.....I have not been there in years and years! Mine and Jeff's favorite animal was definitely the polar bear, he was so massive and beautiful!

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