Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visiting With Ampa and Grandma

We took a trip up to visit Ampa Larry and Grandma Becky! We had not been there for three years and a visit was definitely past due. Rayden was so excited for the trip up there and had a list of things that she wanted to do during our visit. She wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese since we do not have one here, she wanted to go to the zoo and she wanted to ride a train. We promised her that she could do all of these things during our visit. The drive up there went great....a long drive, but a good one. Parker slept the majority of the way there and when he wasn't sleeping he was plugging his ears when Rayden was singing!! Rayden actually stayed awake almost the whole trip and just listened to the iPod (and singing at the top of her lungs) and looked out the window. We had such a wonderful visit and enjoyed every minute of it. Silly me believed the weather reports for the weekend and only packed summer type clothes.....not the smartest thing when living in Oregon! We had a couple cloudy, cool rainy days but we made do with what we had and still had a great time! It was so nice to visit with family and Rayden and Parker really enjoyed spending some quality time with Ampa and Grandma since they do not get to see them very often. Thank you for having us, we had such a great time.....see you soon!

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