Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Where A Kid Can Be A Kid"

The first place on Rayden's list to go was Chuck E. Cheese! We went there the first night of our visit. We all sat down and ate our pizza (which was surprising decent!) before going to play games. It was really nice that all of the games were only 1 token, so Rayden's 50 tokens that she had went a long ways! Rayden ran all over playing games and Parker tried hard to follow her and do everything Sissy was doing....he got mad at us when we wouldn't let go of his hand! Rayden's favorite little ride was the chair that went round and around the clock. At the end of the night we cashed in the tickets (a lot of them gotten by Grandma Becky in one game!) and the kids each got a blow up hammer and Rayden got some cotton candy. It was a fun first night with more fun to come!!

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