Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pear Blossom 2009

This year we decided to take Rayden to the Pear Blossom parade and festival. I haven't been to the parade is many many years so we thought it might be fun. We got there a bit early to find a good spot to sit and let the guys hang out there to keep our spot while my friends and I took the kids around to the games that they had set up. The kids threw balls into water filled buckets, (Rayden won this game 4 times) played a bean bag toss, played a bowling game and then grabbed some huge balloons and some popcorn. The parade was fun and Rayden really enjoyed herself. Her favorite things in the parade were all of the bands and the fire trucks. After the parade was over we walked downtown to the area where all the food and vendor booths were set up. We walked around for a couple of hours enjoying everything, then decided to walk back to the car. We made it home just long enough for Rayden to take about an hour nap and then off to a birthday party we went. The next day was Easter so we had a very busy weekend, but a fun one!

All of the kids waiting for the parade to start.

Playing games.

The giant green balloon.

Cotton candy!

Noise makers!!

Waiting for the more bands to come!

Sad because giant green balloon popped!! :(

The aftermath!!

Rayden fell asleep on the walk back to the car, with lunch in her lap!!

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ChefDruck said...

I love the juxtaposition of the anticipation and the aftermath. Looks like it was a great day and a great parade!

I just added you to my blogroll, not sure why I haven't done it before!