Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All Dressed Up

The kids looked so cute dressed up in their Easter outfits! Rayden had a cute pink dress with brown polka dots, he baby had a matching dress as well. She loved her dress and twirled around in it quite a bit. She was really good about getting her pictures taken this year....much better than last year! Parker was the turkey this year when it came to pictures. He refused to stay sitting down most of the time, and when I did get him to sit down or to look at me he scrunched up his face and gave a really funny looking grin! I finally got an okay looking photo in the kitchen later, but I managed to chop off the top of his head in it. Both of the kids were getting tired so at the end I only ended up getting one photo of the two of them together, and the only reason Parker stayed there is because he had Rayden's doll.

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