Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Fun

My friend Shawna had Spring Break off from her Masters courses and her student teaching. We decided to get together all week to have some fun, oh and I guess for the kids to play and have fun too!!

Day 1: We had planned on going to the park with the kids on this day, especially since it is free fun, but the weather did not was just cold and rainy all day. We all had lunch at Sizzler, our favorite place for the kids since the salad bar is only 99 cents for them. After that we headed off the the Family Fun Center. The kids had a ball like always playing in Cactus Jack's Playhouse, riding on the little car and animals and playing in the arcade. Baby Madisyn hung out in her stroller and Parker tried his darndest to take off away from me every chance he got! The big hit of the day were the silly glasses that Rayden and C.J. got with some of their tickets. Everyone had to try them on and get their picture taken. We headed over to Shawna's for dinner and then home and both of the kids crashed.

Day 2: This day we had decided to just have a lazy day at Shawna's house to just let the kids play, watch movies and then later have a Taco night. The weather was a bit better so the kids were able to play outside for awhile. Rayden and Ally (another friend's daughter) had a great time digging in the mud and making mud pies. Another hard day of playing, good food and tired kids!

Day 3: On this day we were only together for a few hours, some of Shawna's kids had dentists appointments to go to later in the day. We headed out for a trip to Costco with all of the kids. Baby Madisyn and Parker shared a cart, Rayden and C.J. shared another and the two older girls walked along. Samples were had all throughout the store (the kids' favorite part) and after Shawna finished her shopping we all squeezed in at the only table remaining and had lunch!

Final Day: Jeff and I had all of the kids on Thursday so Shawna could go to a doctors appointment. Her kids arrived just in time for lunch and then we all walked down to the playground to play. They played for quite awhile then we headed back to the house. Rayden saw some dandelions and grabbed one for her, Caitlyn and Colin. They all made their wish (Rayden's wish was for a new mommy....sweet kid isn't she!) and then blew!!! It was cute! We played in the back yard for awhile, watched the ducks through the fence, then went inside for a snack and a movie. Shawna came and got the kids later and then it was nap time! The whole week was really fun, and it was so nice to be out of the house all week. Time went by too fast and now it is all over, back to normal and quiet.

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