Friday, August 22, 2008

Eye Appointment

Just to give you all an update, Parker had his eye appointment today at the opthamologist. The appointment went well and Parker really liked the doctor and so did we. We went there thinking that there was a problem with his right eye, because this is the eye he always crossed before. He had stopped crossing his eye but decided to go ahead and still take him in. Well his problem is actually with his left eye. Parker had a little exam first when we went in and the doctor said it was his left eye. So they dilated his eyes and patched his right eye and then had another exam after about 45 minutes. We found out that Parker has what is called Duane Syndrome. His left eye will not track anything to the left, he just turns his head instead to see. This is why his right eye would look like it was crossed, it was actually looking to the left while his left eye stayed straight. There is nothing serious with Duane's syndrome and it will not effect him in anything that he does. (well the doctor said he just couldn't be a pilot for the army!) But his left eye being smaller is also a characteristic of Duane syndrome. After his appointment everything made so much sense. So he will go back in 6 months for a check-up and if everything still looks fine then Parker will not have to be seen for a few years.

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