Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Years Old

Wow our little girl is 3!! What a year it has been too, she sure makes life more interesting! It is so crazy how much they learn and grow in one year, and boy it just flies by.....too quickly! At her 3 year well child check she was 29.4 pounds and 35 inches. She is doing really well and is ahead on a lot of things! Luckily this visit required no shots...phew! So on Rayden's actual birthday she had a busy day. She is signed up for some birthday clubs so she got to take advantage of that on her birthday. First we went to Red Robin for her free birthday lunch, along with some singing and ice cream from the employees (she got REALLY shy when they came out and sang to her!) Then we stopped at a Dutch Brothers for her first free smoothie of the day. (everyone gets free drinks on their birthday) After that we headed to Toys R Us for her birthday balloon, crown and to spend the gift card that Geoffrey the Giraffe sent her!! She also got a card for a free Happy Meal at McDonald's but we saved that for another day. Later she got another smoothie ( a big one!) and then crashed. It was a long day and it is hard work being 3!


Ashleigh said...

I was wondering when you were going to post birthday pictures! I love how she looks with the little bike helmet on. :)

Renée and Bryan said...

What an exciting day for Rayden! It looks like she thoroughly enjoyed it!

S'More Of My Thoughts said...

Wow - 3 already? Seems like just yesterday. I must be getting old, 'cuz I say that alot. What a yummy day she had!! I wish I was 3 again.