Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fishing Fun

This past weekend we headed out to the lake for a relaxing day of fishing. The lake was pretty packed since it was Memorial weekend (there was even a guy dressed up as Superman on a jet ski!), but we found a good spot for our lunch and a good spot to fish on the pier. (the same pier that Rayden was standing under in the previous fishing post, the water has really risen!) Parker was mad because we were right by the water so he was not allowed to run around....he either had to be held or in his stroller. He was happy when he was eating his strawberries though! Rayden had fun fishing and playing around, she did not end up catching any fish this time though. Between Daddy, Papa and Grandma (she caught the biggest at 14 inches) they caught 15 fish (they had to stop at that because each person has a limit of 5 a day). I do not have a fishing license to I tried to keep the kids entertained. It was such a beautiful day out and the sun turned my mom and I into bright red lobsters by the days end. Rayden was just exhausted and fell asleep on Papa's lap when we were sitting at the table before heading home. Such a nice day!

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