Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So the other night we were talking about how Parker needed a hair cut again so I asked my mom to cut his hair. We started out with the scissors and things were not going so well because Parker was very very wiggly that night. We decided to put an attachment on the clippers and just use those. So the guys use the #1 attachment so we thought the #2 would be just fine....one swipe across this boys head and his hair was gone! We had to finish with the same one so his hair is super super short. He looks even more like Daddy now....I will have to get a picture of them together so you can see. So this is the shortest his hair has ever been because he even had more hair than this when he was born :) He looks cute though and it will grow back fast....next time I think we will try the #3 or #4 attachment though!!!
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The Millers said...

He does look just like Jeff! Wow.

S'more of my Thoughts said...

He DOES look just like Jeff!

(there's an echo in here ... but it's true!!)