Monday, January 26, 2009

More Family Fun

The night with the family continued with more fun! We had some ice cream sandwiches for dessert and then all sat around and enjoyed each others company while the kids played. Everyone played "balloon tag" as Rayden named it (hitting the balloon around the living room), there were horsey rides to be had and toys to be played with. We all had a fabulous time but we had to get going home. Rayden got super upset and really wanted to stay. We finally got her out of the house to head home (her crying the whole way out the door.) In the car she said she just wanted to stay the night and she could wear some of Rayna's jammies, I told her that Rayna's jammies were too big for her which got me this answer "but she is 3 years old too!!!" I had to explain to her that Rayna is just bigger than her and wears a different size and maybe she could stay another time and bring her own P.J's. Soon after she fell asleep and was out for the rest of the trip back home. We had a wonderful visit, thank you for having us over guys and thanks for coming down to visit Ampa and Grandma!
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Renée and Bryan said...

That is too cute about the pajamas!