Monday, October 27, 2008

Roller Skating

Rayden all ready to skate!

Skating by herself!!

Consuming huge amounts of junk food.

Skating with Auntie Shawna

C.J and Rayden

Shawna and Parker

Daddy and Parker

The Gang of Kids:

Caitlyn, Rayden, Alli, Parker, C.J, Baby Madi and big Madi

Icees!! Yummmmmy!

Me and C.J.

Jeff and Madi

Matt and Parker

Since school has started back up our friends have been super busy. Rayden was missing her friends and so was I; we just needed to get out of the house and get together to do something. Caitlyn and Madi had brought home papers from school about skate night so we decided to get together and take all of the kids! Rayden was so super excited and wanted to get her skates on right away, C.J decided he was not having any of this and decided to hang out with the babies and Jeff and Matt. Shawna headed out with Caitlyn, Jamie with her girls Madi and Alli and then Rayden and I. Rayden did such a great job skating and was loving it. She only fell once the whole time we were there. She was getting braver and braver and was soon skating by herself. We had tons of fun and the kids consumed a bunch of junk food, their favorites being popcorn and Icees. After we got home Rayden got in her jammies and crashed, she was so worn out! She has been asking ever since if we can go again!

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