Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Goodness

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This year I decided to buy pumpkins and try making my own pumpkin puree for baking instead of using the canned stuff. I figured this would be a messy and long process, it was so easy! I had gotten four little pumpkins and ended up with a little over 8 cups to freeze and use, I am going to be making more soon. Parker got a bowl full of his own since it is just like baby food, he ate it but wasn't that impressed, he really isn't impressed by many baby foods now; he just wants big boy food (can't blame him.) We also had to roast the pumpkin seeds to so Rayden could have her part (she refused to try the pumpkin even though she eats Parker's baby food.) Half of the seeds we made with just salt and the other half we made with cinnamon and sugar, those were Rayden's favorite!

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