Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rayden in Klamath

Watching a movie with Grandma on their new couch.

Rayden and Grandma went rock collecting! She was looking for some round rocks for a project that her and I are going to do soon, she was excited to find plenty of rocks to bring home!

Rayden had a great time playing on Grandma's treadmill. She was scared to death of it if it was turned on though. But she ran tons with it turned off and then also learned that she could hold onto the bar and swing...weeeeee!

After Grandma and Papa got their new table in the living room it was fair game! Rayden had such a fun time playing underneath of it and also hiding all of her toys in the drawers.

Silly Rayden in Papa's glasses.....she wore them all night and actually looked pretty cute in them!

Rayden had a fabulous time while visiting. She said the drive was very very very long though :) Not sure how she would know since she slept almost all the way there and back! She had tons of fun helping Grandma cook all weekend long, going shopping, feeding the fish (over and over and over she asked...) and harrassing playing with the animals!

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