Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parker in Klamath

Grandma made Parker his first pancake while in Klamath. He just looooooved it and kept gobbling it all up! He has had them numerous times since we have gotten home, they are definitely one of his favorites!

Grandma bought Parker his very first truck!! Parker doesn't have any boy toys, so this was nice. He loves the sounds it makes and the top is nice and cushy. Now at home he has to get it away from Rayden in order to play with it!

Parker loved being held by Grandma and Papa while we were there. He really liked Papa's mustache!

Of course Parker had to get onto the dog bed....every kid does!

Parker playing with Grandma and Papa's new coffee table.

Parker had a great time over in Klamath. He loved visiting with Papa and Grandma and loved exploring the new place he was in. We all had so much fun and wish we could go over more often. We will be back over there for Thanksgiving though, weather permitting, so that is not too far off.

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