Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Surgeon Visit

Parker had his appointment with the surgeon today to find out when or if they were going to do surgery to fix his hernia. They are definitely going to do the surgery and fix it. His surgery will be on the 28th of August with a check in time of 5:30 and the procedure to start at 7:30. Parker will be put to sleep and then it will take about half an hour. Afterwards they will wake him up and he should be able to go home :) He said that babies bounce back from the surgery pretty fast and they actually only ever seem to need Tylenol for the pain afterwards, let's hope he is right. I will update once again after the surgery is done.

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ChefDruck said...

Poor little guy. I'm sure he is going to bounce back really quickly. My son had a revised circumcision around that age. Stitches all around his penis. And he was crawling around a few hours after getting home!