Monday, July 20, 2009

A Day With Cousins

A couple of weeks ago Renée brought the kids over to Medford for a play date at the water park! The kids always love playing together and this day was no exception. Rayden and Rayna had a blast running through the water, screaming and giggling the whole time! Rayna loves going through the big round bear sprinkler....Rayden will not go near it (yet the time before drug her brother out there and left him!) The boys hung back and watched the girls, Parker was unsure about the water after what Rayden did to him the time before. After the girls were done playing in the water the kids got dressed and played on the playground. They had a wonderful time but then we decided it was lunch time. We all came back to my house and had a fun picnic on the porch. They left soon afterwards and Rayden was sad to see them go. Hopefully we can set up another date again soon to go play!

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