Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 Months Old

At 10 months old we have a boy who is into everything and eating everything! Parker is everywhere getting into trouble and still doesn't know how to stay still. He is getting better at harassing his sister just like she harasses him! Now we constantly hear Rayden saying "Parker's bothering me again!" We have learned that this little boy can crawl just fine when he wants to, he just chooses not to.....it is faster to army crawl I guess. Parker's stomach is a black hole....I have never seen a guy as little as him eat so much. We are not sure where he is keeping all this food because it sure shouldn't all fit in his little belly. Grandma says we are going to be sorry when he is a teenager.......
Lately he has been a cuddle bug who will lay his head down on your shoulder, this is so nice and so sweet. Unfortunately it does not last very long. Only two short months til our little boy is one.
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