Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 Months Old!!

Our little peanut has been here for 3 months! Time just flies by! Parker is doing more and more every day too. He now reaches out and grabs things from you and holds them, he is trying to laugh, but most of the time it sounds like coughing :) He has been rolling from his belly to his back since before he was 2 months old....he just doesn't like being on his tummy! He is getting a lot bigger, not sure what he weighs and he doesn't go in to see the doctor again until the 1st of May. He is out of his newborn clothes and can now wear all of his 0-3 months stuff! His room is almost completely done, so he will be moving into there soon instead of his little bassinet, which he is kinda starting to outgrow :)

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Ashleigh said...

He is TOO ridiculously cute! I really love that one in the middle. He gets bigger every time I see him!